Plesk Users

Plesk is a web hosting control panel that targets three user groups:

  • Administrators.

    These include Hosting service providers (HSPs) and Web Pros (Web Admins).

    HSPs use Plesk for two main purposes. First, as an easy tool for services configuration. Thus, providers do not need to separately configure web or FTP server - everything is done in the Plesk GUI. Once services are configured, HSPs can combine them with server resources (like disk space or traffic) into hosting packages (service plans). For example, one package can contain a website, mail accounts, and a number of web applications. These packages are then sold to HSPs' clients - hosting customers and resellers.

    Web Pros and Web Admins are companies that buy VPS hosting with preinstalled Plesk or deploy it by themselves on their IT infrastructure. Plesk allows such users not only to manage various aspects of their web presence but also to have full control over server management operations, such as server backup, configuration of PHP settings, and so on. For example, web design studios use Plesk as a platform for web development. Plesk allows them to test created websites and present the results to clients.

  • Resellers.
    These are companies that resell hosting services provided by HSPs. They use Plesk to buy hosting resources in bulk, and then split the resources into smaller packages, and sell them to their customers. All server management is performed by HSPs, allowing resellers to reduce their costs and concentrate on offering services to end-users.
  • Customers.
    These are the end-users of Plesk. By subscribing to one of the hosting plans offered by an HSP or a reseller, they get access to Plesk and manage the services they have bought. They can create sites, fill them with content, add mail accounts, and so on.