Data Transfer from Another Plesk

If you want to relocate your Plesk to another server, the easiest way to do this is to transfer Plesk data to this server. In terms of Plesk, transfer is a process of moving hosting data from one Plesk server (source) to another server with Plesk of the same version (destination server). There are two ways to transfer data from one Plesk to another:

  • Transfer with the Migration & Transfer Manager utility (recommended).

    We recommend that you transfer hosting data using the Migration & Transfer Manager utility. This utility runs on a destination server and automatically copies hosting data from your source Plesk.

  • Transfer through backup files.

    You can also transfer data from the source to destination server using backup files. To perform the data transfer, you should back up data on the source server, transfer the resulting archive file to the destination server manually, and restore the data on this server.

For the detailed instructions on transferring data between two Plesk servers, refer to the chapter Transferring Plesk Data of the Deployment Guide.


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