Creating a Promo

You can create your own promo by editing the panel.ini configuration file.

To create a promo:

  1. Open the configuration file /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/panel.ini on the Plesk-managed server. If the file does not exist, create it.
  2. Add the line [promos] to the file.
  3. Specify the parameters of your promo by adding lines like "<promo_name>.<parameter>=<value>" after the line [promos]. You can use the following parameters:
    • active. Shows if your promo will appear by default or not. Boolean.
    • icon. URL of an icon that will be shown in the promo.
    • title. Title of the promo.
    • text. The promo description.
    • buttonUrl. The URL that opens upon clicking the promo button.
    • buttonText. The caption of the promo button.
    • hideText. Text of the link for hiding the promo.

    For example, you want to create a promo that looks like the following (this is the Plesk default Google Integration Promo):


    You need to add the following lines to the panel.ini:



    custom.googleIntegration.title=integration with Google Services

    custom.googleIntegration.text=Configure integration with Google Services, such as AdSense, Google Apps, Webmaster tools.




  4. Save the file.