Changing SSL Certificate Seller's URLs

You can change the SSL certificate seller's URLs only through the command line interface.

To change the URLs of the Buy SSL Certificate and View Certificates buttons, run the following command:

/usr/local/psa/bin/panel_gui -p -cert_purchasing_url https://<em><url></em>
The Format of a POST Request

Note that buttons used to buy or view SSL certificates do not just lead to a URL specified with the command above. Actually, Plesk sends a POST request to this URL. The format of the POST request body varies depending on a button function. For example, if a button is used to buy SSL certificates, the request body contains such CSR parameters as a domain name, business name, country, and so on.

The table below provides the details on the parameters which are sent in POST requests.

Button location Parameters in the POST request body Example
  • Server Administration Panel, Tools & Settings > SSL Certificates > Add > Buy SSL Certificate.
  • Control Panel, Websites & Domains > Secure Your Sites > Add SSL Certificate > Buy SSL Certificate.

csr = <encoded request>

csr_domain = <domain name>

csr_bits = <key size>

csr_email = <administrator's email>

csr_company = <company name>

csr_department = <organization department name>

csr_state = <state>

csr_city = <city>

csr_country = <country>

action = CREATE_CERT


csr_domain =

csr_bits = 2048

csr_email =

csr_company = ACME

csr_department = IT

csr_state = Illinois

csr_city = Chicago

csr_country = US

action = CREATE_CERT

  • Server Administration Panel, Tools & Settings > SSL Certificates > View.
  • Server Administration Panel, Tools & Settings > Buy SSL Certificate.
  • Control Panel, Websites & Domains > Secure Your Sites > View Certificates.

action = MODIFY_CERT


Reverting the URL to the Default Value

To restore the default URL, issue the following SQL query:

<code> delete from misc where param='cert_purchasing_url';</code>

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