Migrating Subscriptions and Customer Accounts

Operator: <migration>

XML Schema: migration_input.xsd, migration_output.xsd, plesk_migration.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 8.0 for Unix and later | Plesk 8.3 for Windows and later

API RPC version: and higher

Plesk user: Plesk Administrator


Plesk comes with the Migration Manager tool capable of transferring subscription, customer, and reseller accounts from one Plesk server (source server) to another (destination server). Migration is a process of such data transfer.

Migrations are always processed by destination Plesk servers, namely, by Plesk servers to which the data is transferred. Therefore, all the migration request packets are sent to the destination Plesk server.

Important: It is important for performing any operation with the migration operator that Plesk Migration Manager is installed on the destination Plesk server.

The following 3 levels of migration are supported by Plesk API RPC: subscription migration, customer migration, and reseller migration. In case of customer and reseller migrations, it is possible to migrate a mere user account, as well as a user account with any amount of his child objects (subscriptions for a customer, subscriptions and customers for a reseller).

In case of subscription and customer migrations, a new owner should be specified, which can be Plesk admin or a reseller (for both subscriptions and customers), or a customer (for subscriptions only).

When transferring a subscription within migration of any type, the subscription data to be migrated can be restricted to either only mail settings and content, or only subscription-specific data. If applying such restrictions, the following data is migrated (for each subscription):

Restriction Migrated Data

Only mail

  • Configuration of subscription-level mail system (including subscription keys)
  • Mail accounts
  • Mailing lists

Only hosting

  • Web site content (including protected directories, Web users, MIME types)
  • Web hosting configuration (including settings of anonymous FTP, log rotation, hotlink protection, shared SSL, web users)
  • Installed site applications
  • Databases
  • Subdomains


Supported operations:

  • START starts migration of particular customer or subscription from specified source Plesk server to specified target Plesk server.
  • FINISH stops the migration defined by ID.
  • GET_FS retrieves information on file system on the specified host (may be important for defining source and destination host directories in request packet starting migration).
  • GET_STATUS retrieves the current status of the migration defined by ID.
  • CHECK checks whether Plesk Migration Manager is installed on Plesk server.

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