Managing Mailing Lists

Operator: <maillist>

XML Schema: maillist.xsd

Plesk version: all versions

API RPC version: and higher

Plesk user: Administrator, customer



The maillist operator is designed for managing mailing lists on sites. Each mailing list can be enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, the messages from mailing list owner will not be sent to subscribers. The mailing service (managing all mailing lists on a site) can be activated or deactivated. If it is deactivated, all messages from all mailing list owners of a specified site will not be sent to subscribers.

Mailing lists are provided by the GNU Mailman software. Before using the operator, make sure that the specified software is installed on your Plesk server.

Each mailing list should have unique name parameter. The e-mail address that is used for messages delivery to subscribers looks as follows: name@site. The name of the mailing list cannot be changed.


Supported operations

  • ADD-LIST adds a new mailing list to the specified site
  • DEL-LIST deletes mailing lists using filtering rules
  • GET-LIST retrieves mailing lists name and status using filtering rules
  • ADD-MEMBER adds a new subscriber to the specified mailing list
  • GET-MEMBERS retrieves the subscribers of the specified mailing lists
  • DEL-MEMBERS removes a subscriber from the specified mailing lists
  • ENABLE activates the mailing list service on the specified sites
  • DISABLE deactivates the mailing list service on the specified sites
  • ENABLE-LIST activates the specified mailing lists
  • DISABLE-LIST deactivates the specified mailing lists
  • GET-STATUS retrieves the status of the mailing service on the specified site


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