Managing Spam Filtering Service

Operator: <spamfilter>

XML Schema: spamfilter.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk for Unix 8.0 and later

API RPC version:

Plesk user: Plesk Administrator


The spamfilter operator manages filtering of undesirable correspondence using SpamAssassin tool in Plesk. Before using the operator, ensure the SpamAssassin is installed on the server.

Plesk Administrator can enable or disable Spam Filtering service on the server. A mailbox owner can enable or disable Spam Filtering service for a specified mailbox on condition the Administrator enables manual configuration of Spam Filtering service for mailbox owners.

To sort incoming messages, Spam Filtering service uses black, white, unblack, and unwhite lists. Spam Filtering lists are divided into two groups:

  • server-level lists called Administrator's lists which can be applied to all mailboxes on the server
  • mailbox-level lists (on condition the Administrator enables this option)

For information on the lists, refer to the Types of Server Lists, Types of Lists Available for Mailbox Owner sections.

Addresses are kept in the form of templates called patterns both in black and white lists. For information on patterns, refer to the Defining Pattern section.


Supported operations

  • ADD-PATTERN adds a pattern to a white, black, unwhite, or unblack list
  • DEL-PATTERN removes a pattern from a white, black, unwhite, or unblack list
  • GET-PATTERNS retrieves patterns of a specified black(white), or unblack(unwhite) list
  • GET retrieves status of SpamAssassin service and Spam Filtering settings for a specified user
  • SET changes status of SpamAssassin service and Spam Filtering settings of a specified user.
  • GET-ALLOWED-PREFERENCES retrieves list of Spam Filtering settings available for a specified user
  • GET-ALLOWED-LISTS retrieves types of lists available for a specified user.
  • CHECK checks whether a Spam Filtering service is accessible



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