IP Addresses Mapping

IP mapping is an important component of migrations: It specifies which IP addresses existing on destination Plesk server must be assigned to migrated objects when the migration is completed.

Mapping IP addresses is required in all cases when a migration object has IP addresses assigned to it on source host. In case of migrating a user (reseller or customer), these are IP addresses in the user's IP pool. In case of migrating subscription with physical hosting, it is IP address on which the subscription is hosted. Mapping IP addresses makes no sense when a user has empty IP pool or a subscription with hosting type standard forwarding or frame forwarding is migrated.

If no IP mapping rules are defined, objects being migrated are transferred to the destination host with IP addresses values that were assigned to them on the source host.

IP mapping is defined by the ip node used in the start request packet. The node is defined by complex type MappedIp. (plesk_migration.xsd), which is structured as follows:

  • The old node is required. It specifies properties of a source host IP address assigned to an object to be migrated. Data type: Ip (plesk_migration.xsd).
  • The node new is required. It specifies properties of a destination host IP address that should be assigned to an object after it is migrated. Data type: Ip (plesk_migration.xsd).
  • The ip-type node is required. It specifies whether the IP address is of exclusive or shared type. Data type: ip_address (common.xsd). Allowed values: shared | exclusive.
  • The ip-address node is required. It specifies the IP address. Data type: ip_address (common.xsd).



1. Node ip-address nested in the new node should contain only IP address which already exists on destination Plesk server, as no new IP addresses are created with the migration operator.

2. For information on retrieving user IP pool, refer to the sections Supported Operations: Managing Customer Accounts > Getting Information About Customer Accounts and Supported Operations: Managing Reseller Accounts > Retrieving Information About Reseller Accounts.

3. For information on retrieving IP address on which a subscription is hosted, refer to the section Supported Operations: Managing Subscriptions > Getting Information About Subscriptions.



The following packet starts migrating subscription example3.com from host plesk.example.com to host plesk.example2.com (to which the request packet is sent). The packet maps source subscription IP address (exclusive) to destination IP (exclusive), on which the subscription will be hosted when the migration is completed.

<packet version="">
         <target-owner>John Doe</target-owner>