Starting Customer Migration

To transfer customer account(s) to Plesk, nest the migrate-customer node into the selected-objects node. The node is defined by complex type SelectedClients (plesk_migration.xsd) and structured as follows:


  • The target-owner node is required. It defines the login name of a reseller (including Plesk admin) who will own the customer accounts after migration. Data type: string.
  • The customer node is required. It wraps the settings of a customer account migration. Data type: MappedClient (plesk_migration.xsd).
  • The name node is required. It specifies the login name of a customer to be migrated. Data type: string.
  • The ip node is optional. It defines mapping rules for IP addresses in the customer's IP pool. Data type: MappedIp (plesk_migration.xsd).

    For information on this node structure, refer to the IP Addresses Mapping section.

  • The webspace node is optional. It holds the collection of data defining migration settings for the customer's subscriptions that should be migrated together with the customer account. Data type: MappedDomain (plesk_migration.xsd).

    For the information on this node structure, refer to the Starting Subscription Migration section.

Important: When creating request packets, put nodes and elements in the order they follow in the packet structure.


To make the customer accounts owned by Plesk administrator after migration, include the target-owner node with value "admin" in the request packet.

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