Windows Virtuozzo Templates

Virtuozzo application templates are packages which, when installed on a node, allow easy deployment of the application in as many containers as required, saving a lot of critical system resources like disk space. You can obtain Plesk templates at the Plesk website.

Shipped Templates

The following templates are shipped for Plesk 12:


The main template, includes the essential set of components:

  • Base: the Plesk core components, such as Server Administration Panel and Customer Panel, Backup Manager, and so on.
  • Presence Builder
  • Migration Manager
  • SpamAssassin
  • AWStats, Webalizer
  • BIND DNS Server
  • Plesk Premium Antivirus 5
  • FastCGI
  • MailEnable mail server, Atmail Open, webmail tools
  • MySQL Client, MySQL ODBC
  • Microsoft SQL Web Admin, myLittleAdmin, phpMyAdmin
  • Perl, Python, PHP4, PHP5
  • Stunnel