(Advanced) Installation to Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo is a container-based virtualization solution that is employed by a large number of service providers. Each Virtuozzo container is a separate virtual server that acts exactly like a stand-alone one.

If you want to deploy Plesk on Virtuozzo, we recommend that you follow the workflow:

  1. Create a container.
  2. Install Plesk into the container.
    Though you can perform a typical manual or automated installation, we recommend that you use Virtuozzo templates for this purpose. A Virtuozzo app template is a package containing everything an app needs to be installed to a server. The main benefit of Virtuozzo templates is that you install an app template to your physical server just once and then add the app from the template to a number of containers simultaneously.
  3. Clone the container as many times as you need.
    This step is optional. If you have a number of already created containers where Plesk should be installed, the best option is to deploy Plesk there using a Plesk Virtuozzo template.
  4. Perform post-installation setup.
    The post-installation setup for Plesk in a Virtuozzo container is absolutely the same as for other types of installation. It includes Plesk initialization, installation of a license key, and so on. You can either perform it manually or automate the process using the Plesk API. Learn more in the section After Installing Plesk.

Details on how to perform these operations are provided next in this section.

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