After Installing Plesk

The post-installation setup is an obligatory sequence of steps that is required to prepare Plesk for work. As well as the installation, this setup can be performed either manually (the administrator should do it through the GUI) or automatically in an unattended manner. The manual type of setup should be performed in the case of a single Plesk deployment. The automated setup is recommended for multiple Plesk deployments as this can save significant time.

There are only two obligatory post-installation steps: Plesk initialization and installation of a license key. All other steps described in this section are optional.

Next in this section:

Initialize Plesk

Install a License Key

(Optional) Define Plesk View

(Optional) Specify Administrator's Password

(Optional) Set Up Plesk Locale

(Optional) Optimize Plesk for Operation in VPS

(Optional) Hide Power Panel Controls for Virtuozzo Installations

(Optional) Set Up Upgrade Notifications

(Optional) Change or Hide Web Interface Elements