Completing Upgrade from Plesk 9 and Earlier Versions

Compared to the earlier versions of Plesk software (Plesk 9 and earlier), Plesk 10 and later versions introduce a number of significant changes in the business model, for example, services are offered by means of service plans and subscriptions instead of templates and domains, and domain administrators are replaced with additional users. Learn more about the changes in the Administrator's Guide, section After Upgrading to Plesk 12.5.

This chapter describes the steps required to complete the transition to the new business model.

During upgrade or transfer to Plesk 12.5, most of the user accounts and domains are transformed automatically to comply with the new business model. However, because of changes in the resource allocation scheme, you need to carry out several actions and decide how the resources should be allocated in your new system.

These actions are as follows:

  1. Complete the accounts and resources transition using the transition assistant in Plesk. Learn how to do this in the section Completing the Transition. For details on how objects are converted, refer to the section Conversion Schemes and Recommended Steps.
  2. Set up hosting (reseller) plans corresponding to your service offerings and associate the transferred accounts and subscriptions with the plans. Learn more in the section Associating New Accounts and Subscriptions with Plans.

For detailed information about service plans and subscriptions, refer to the Administrator's Guide, chapter Customers and Resellers.

In this chapter:

Conversion Schemes and Recommended Steps

Completing the Transition

Associating New Accounts and Subscriptions with Plans

Execution of Scripts via Cron Task Scheduler (Linux Hosting)