Predefined Firewall Rules Specifications

The following table lists the system services to which you can restrict access using the Firewall's predefined rules.

Service name Ports used by service

Plesk administrative interface

TCP 8443

Samba (file sharing on Windows networks)

UDP 137, UDP 138, TCP 139, TCP 445

Plesk VPN service

UDP 1194

WWW server

TCP 80, TCP 443

FTP server

TCP 21

SSH (secure shell) server

TCP 22

SMTP (mail sending) server 

TCP 25, TCP 465

POP3 (mail retrieval) server

TCP 110, TCP 995

IMAP (mail retrieval) server 

TCP 143, TCP 993

Mail password change service

TCP 106

MySQL server 

TCP 3306

PostgreSQL server

TCP 5432

Tomcat administrative interface 

TCP 9008, TCP 9080

Domain name server

UDP 53, TCP 53

ICMP requests

<ICMP echo request>