Setting Up Firewall

After you installed the component , you can do the following:

  • View and change the predefined rules that control connections to the following system services: Administrative control panel; Web server; FTP server; SSH server; SMTP server; POP3 server; IMAP server; mail password change service; MySQL server; PostgreSQL server; Samba file sharing server for Windows clients; VPN; domain name server; ICMP echo requests. By default, these rules allow all incoming connections to these services.
  • View and change the predefined system policies that define what to do with all incoming, outgoing, and transit communications that do not match the explicitly defined rules.
  • Add, change, and remove custom rules. For example, you may want to add a rule that will allow access to FTP accounts on the server in passive mode.

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Managing Access to System Services

Managing System Policies

Managing Custom Rules


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