VPN Component

Virtual Private Networking technologies allow communications between geographically distributed LAN segments over public networks. VPN message traffic passes through public networking infrastructures, such as the Internet, via secure tunnel protocols.

One of the most useful implementations of VPN is allowing access to a local network for a single remote host. For example, if a user needs to get access to a remote network from his home computer, they must establish a VPN connection.

The Plesk VPN component extends Plesk with the ability to support peer-to-peer communication between two Plesk hosts or between your Plesk host and any other computer. At present, the Plesk VPN component supports connection to the server only from a single remote host and does not support connections from multiple hosts. The component is based on the OpenVPN solution which uses OpenSSL for encryption and the virtual TUN/TAP driver for tunneling.

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Software Requirements

Accessing the VPN Component

Setting Up VPN Preferences

Managing Keys

Using Client Packages

Starting and Stopping a VPN Connection


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