Troubleshooting Installation and Upgrade Issues

This section describes how to troubleshoot difficulties that may occur when you try to install or upgrade Plesk. If you experience a problem that is not resolved in the table below, visit the Plesk support site.

Problem Solution

You are unable to deselect the Presence Builder component when installing the Plesk.

Presence Builder is a core component and is required for the proper Plesk installation.

The system does not recognize that IIS is installed during the Plesk installation. It displays the following message: "Error: You should install the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) with WWW service prior to installing Plesk. Please click the Start button, then select Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove programs, choose Add\\Remove windows components and install IIS with FTP and WWW services. Refer to Windows Help for details". After you install the required services and continue the wizard, the error remains.

Retry the IIS recognition by restarting the wizard in your browser. To do this, open the page http://<your-host-name-or-ip>:8447 and repeat the installation steps from the beginning.

You are unable to install the Kaspersky Antivirus component on Windows 2008.

If you select the Kaspersky Antivirus component when installing Plesk for Windows 2008, the following error is displayed: "A dependency problem has been found: Windows 2008 or higher is not supported by Kaspersky anti-virus".

The component is not supported for this operating system. Go to the Select Components page, deselect the component, and continue the installation.