Associating New Accounts and Subscriptions with Plans

As soon as all customers and subscriptions are transferred, the transition assistant will disappear from Plesk.

To complete the switch of transferred accounts and subscriptions to the new business model, do the following:


1. Set up reseller and hosting plans corresponding to your service offerings

To add a hosting or reseller plan in the Server Administration Panel, run the Add Plan wizard in Service Plans > Hosting Plans and Service Plans > Reseller Plans correspondingly. Learn more about plans' settings in the Administrator's Guide, sections Hosting Plans and Subscriptions and Reseller Plans.


2. Associate the transferred accounts and subscriptions with the plans

  • To associate reseller accounts with a reseller plan, click the Change Plan button for a certain reseller in Resellers and specify the plan you added.
  • To associate hosting service subscriptions with a hosting plan, click the Change Plan button for certain subscriptions in Subscriptions and specify the hosting plan.

For detailed information about service plans and subscriptions, refer to the Administrator's Guide, chapter Customers and Resellers.