Completing the Transition

To complete the transition to the new business model after upgrading or migrating to Plesk 12.5:

  1. Log in to the Server Administration Panel as administrator.
  2. On the Home page, click the link Complete switching to the Plesk 10 business model. This link is located in a message box that shows if some of user accounts were not transitioned.

    Alternately, you can go to Tools & Utilities > Complete Switching to the Plesk 10 Business Model.

  3. On the Recommended Actions tab, review the accounts and subscriptions, and the recommended transition schemes.
  4. If the recommended actions suit your needs, select the corresponding checkboxes Transition these customers and Transition these subscriptions, and click OK.

    This will transition the selected customers and subscriptions. Once the transition is complete, they will not be shown in the list any more.

  5. Alternatively, transition customers or subscriptions selecting a transition scheme based on your own judgement:
    1. Click the Selective Transition of Customers or Selective Transition of Subscriptions tab.

      To help you choose an appropriate transition scheme for an account, consider the number of domains belonging to a customer, the amounts of previously allocated resources, and granted privileges. The number of domains belonging to each customer is shown in the list of customers, in the Subscriptions column. To learn about allocated resources and granted privileges, click a link with the customer's name, and then click My Resources. After that, click Up Level to return to the previous page.

    2. Select checkboxes corresponding to the customers or subscriptions you wish to transition using one of the schemes.
    3. From the Apply Transition Scheme menu, select the suitable option:

      For customers:

      • Subscription inherits the lesser from client or domain. Resources allocated to each new subscription are equal to the minimum from the former client or domain limits.
      • Subscription inherits from the client. Resources allocated to each new subscription are equal to the former client limits.
      • Subscription inherits from the domain. Resources allocated to each new subscription are equal to the former domain limits.
      • Distribute client's resources. The remaining part of former client's resources that was not allocated to domains is equally divided among customer's subscriptions and is added to their resources.
      • Upgrade to reseller. A former client is upgraded to reseller. Reseller subscription resources are equal to the former client's limits. If a domain administrator account was enabled for a client's domain, then it is upgraded to a customer account and the corresponding subscription is associated with it. If there were no domain administrator accounts, then the subscriptions belong directly to the reseller.

      For subscriptions:

      • Upgrade to customer. The former domain administrator is converted to customer and the subscription is assigned to them.
      • Subscription with user. The former domain administrator account becomes a Plesk user, who has access only to the subscription containing his or her domain.
      • Subscription without user. The former domain administrator account is removed.