About This Guide and Localization

Plesk 12.5 is shipped with the following interface languages:

  • English (United States)
  • Danish (Denmark)
  • German (Germany)
  • Greek (Greece)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Finnish (Finland)
  • French (France)
  • Indonesian (Indonesia)
  • Italian (Italy)
  • Japanese (Japan)
  • Korean (Republic of Korea)
  • Malay (Malaysia)
  • Norwegian (Norway)
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
  • Polish (Poland)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Russian (Russian Federation)
  • Swedish (Sweden)
  • Thai (Thailand)
  • Tagalog (Philippines)
  • Turkish (Turkey)
  • Ukrainian (Ukraine)
  • Vietnamese (Viet Nam)
  • Chinese (China)
  • Chinese (Taiwan)

This guide provides instructions on how to translate Plesk and Customer and Business Manager into a language not supported by Plesk, and apply the translation to a Plesk installation.

To localize Plesk and its components, do the following:

  1. Export the default - en-US - locale sources.
  2. Translate the source files' content into the required language.
  3. Import the translated files into Plesk.