Setting Up Mobile Sites

Your service plan may include the option to create website copies optimized for viewing on mobile devices. The copies are hosted with external UNITY Mobile online service.

Important: In Plesk 10.4, if a customer ordered the Unity Express offering from the Applications section, the system could confuse the offering with Unity One. If you faced this problem, we recommend that you remove the site created with Unity One and create the new one in order to get Unity Express.

To create a copy of your website optimized for viewing on mobile devices, or set up a new mobile website:

  1. Go to Websites & Domains and find the site's domain name.
  2. Click Mobile Websites.
  3. Click the corresponding Create Mobile Site link.
  4. Specify an address for the mobile site.

    If your site is accessible, for example, by domain name, you can type a prefix like mobile, and then the optimized copy of your website will be accessible by the address

  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Edit Site Content. A UNITY Mobile site opens in a new browser window or tab, and you are logged on under your account.
  7. In the Import from the web section showing your main website’s domain name, click the button .
  8. Complete the website import wizard by following instructions presented on the screen.

After the mobile site is created, you can add a link to it to your main site.

You can now perform the following operations on the mobile site using links in Customer Panel:

  • Open site editor.
  • Remove mobile site.