Troubleshooting App Installations

When an app cannot be installed on a customer's website due to some reason, the customer gets an error message with the recommendation to contact their hosting provider (you). The error message also contains a brief error description that should help you find the reason of an issue.

The most common issue that may occur during an app installation is when PHP does not meet the app requirements:

  • PHP version is not supported.
    To resolve the issue, install the required PHP version. For details, refer to Installing PHP.
  • The required PHP extension is disabled.
    To resolve the issue, enable the required extension:
    • To enable the extension globally for a certain PHP version, go to Tools & Settings > PHP Settings and click the name of any of the PHP version + handler type combinations using the desired PHP version. You can either select the required extension from the list, or go to the php.ini tab and add the corresponding PHP directive to the server-wide php.ini file.
    • To enable the extension for a specific domain, add a PHP directive to the domain's PHP configuration. Learn how to do this in the section PHP Settings.

After you add the directive, restart the web server. For details, refer to System Services.