Presence Builder (also referred to as editor) is an easy and intuitive means of creating websites for small businesses and individuals.

To start creating a website with Presence Builder, you first need to select your website topic, specify a website name, and select a language. Please note that the language is selected for your website content, not for the editor interface. The editor's interface language can be changed only through your hosting control panel.

You will be prompted to provide information about yourself to pre-fill your website with information. Please note that the information you provide will not be stored or used anywhere else. It will be used only for filling in your website content, for example, in the “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. The address that you specify will be used to show your location on the map if you decide to use a map on your site. You can change or remove this information at any time later.

When the necessary information is provided, Presence Builder generates a website with a unique design consisting of a number of elements. Each time a website design is generated, a random set of elements is used, so you can be sure that the website design you receive is never repeated. In addition to randomly generated designs, which are available for immediate preview and selection in the editor, there are a number of design templates that were specifically crafted for you by graphic designers.

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Getting Familiar With Presence Builder