Nginx-Only Hosting

On Plesk for Linux, you can host websites using a combination of nginx and PHP-FPM. In this case, requests to websites are not passed to Apache but are served by nginx instead. Nginx-only hosting is a solid option for PHP websites, but it is also well-suited for hosting static websites and application servers. You can configure individual websites to be served only by nginx without stopping or disabling Apache, and it does not impact websites hosted using Apache in any way.

Note: Plesk services (for example, Webmail) continue working using Apache and are not affected by switching to nginx-only hosting.

To switch on/off nginx only hosting for a domain:

  1. Go to Websites & Domains > Apache & nginx Settings.
  2. In the nginx settings section, clear the Proxy mode checkbox.
  3. Click Apply.

To revert a domain to Apache+nginx hosting, select the Proxy mode checkbox.

Known limitations

When you switch a domain to nginx-only hosting, you face certain limitations:

  • File Sharing becomes unavailable.
  • SSI, Perl, and Python support become unavailable.
  • You can only use the "FPM application server by nginx" PHP handler.

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