Domain log browser assists you in troubleshooting issues with your websites by parsing the web server logs and displaying relevant warnings and error messages in the Plesk interface.

在 Linux,會預設顯示來自以下日誌檔的資訊。

  • Apache 存取 (access_log) 。該日誌會記錄由 Apache web 伺服器處理的所有 HTTP 請求。
  • Apache ssl 存取 (access_ssl_log) 。該日誌會記錄由 Apache web 伺服器處理的所有 HTTPS 請求。
  • Apache 錯誤 (error_log) 。該日誌包含診斷資訊。還記錄了Apache web 伺服器在處理請求時遇到的任何問題。
  • nginx 存取 (proxy_access_log)。 該日誌會記錄由 nginx 代理 web 伺服器處理的所有 HTTP 請求。
  • nginx ssl 存取 (proxy_access_ssl_log) 。該日誌會記錄由 nginx 代理 web 伺服器處理的所有 HTTPS 請求。
  • nginx 錯誤 (proxy_error_log) 。該日誌包含診斷資訊。還記錄了 nginx 代理 web 伺服器在處理請求時遇到的任何問題。

在 Windows 上,會顯示來自 IIS 日誌的資訊。該日誌記錄了由 web 伺服器處理的所有請求,包括 HTTP 和 HTTPS,以及 web 伺服器在處理請求時遇到的任何問題。.

In addition, you can add any custom log file from you web site directory to track it in the domain log browser, as described below.

Access Domain Log Browser

To access the domain log browser, go to Websites and Domains > Logs. You will be presented with a list of messages gathered from the logs. By default, the domain log browser displays messages present in the monitored logs at the moment of opening. If you want to refresh the list with messages added after opening the domain log browser, click Refresh. Alternatively, if you want to have new messages continuously added to the list, click Start real-time updates.

image 76824

若要選擇您要查看資訊的日誌,請點按 image 74882 圖示,並從功能表中選擇所需日誌。


若要查看日誌中的所有消息,請轉到 網站與域名 > 日誌 > 管理日誌檔。將會顯示所有被跟蹤的日誌檔清單。

image 76825

Here you can click a log file name to view the file content directly in the domain log browser. You can click the image 74884 icon next to a log file to open it for viewing in a separate window, or the image 74885 icon to download it.

若要保存磁碟空間,您可以啟用日誌迴圈,自動壓縮和/或刪除過期的網站日誌檔。若要設定日誌迴圈,請進入 網站與域名 > 日誌 > 點按 image 74886 圖示 > 管理日誌檔 > 日誌迴圈



You can add any custom log file from you web site directory to track its changes in the domain log browser. To do this, click the Add Custom Log button on the Manage Log Files page. The tree with your web site folders will be displayed. Select the file that you want to add to the domain log browser and click OK.

備註: 只能選擇純文字檔。為了顯示正常,您的自訂日誌檔中每個日誌項都必須有時間戳記,否則無法正常解析。

image 76826


image 76827

If you no longer want to monitor this custom log file, click the image 75821 icon next to it. This does not remove the file from your file system, but simply removes the file from the list of files available in the domain log browser.

You can also open a text file in the domain log browser directly from the File Manager, using the Open in Log Browser option.

image 76828

When you open a log file from the File Manager in the domain log browser, it is not yet added to the list of logs viewed in the domain log browser on a permanent basis. To add the file to the domain log browser, click the Add to Log Browser as Custom file button.

image 76829

備註: 自訂日誌檔無法使用日誌迴圈功能。