Miva E-commerce Applications (Linux)

To allow your customers to use Miva e-commerce solutions, you need to install on the server the Miva Empresa package shipped with Plesk distribution (if you did not install it during installation of Plesk), and then switch on support for Miva applications in hosting plans.

The Miva Fasttrack and Miva Merchant online store applications are shipped with Plesk as standard web applications, which you or your customers can install from the Control Panel.

To learn more about Miva solutions, refer to http://docs.smallbusiness.miva.com/en-US/merchant/WebHost/webhelp/web_host_resources.htm.

To install the Miva Empresa package:

  1. Go to Tools & Settings > Updates.
  2. Click the link corresponding to your version of Plesk. For example, Plesk 12.
  3. Locate the Miva Empresa Support item and select the checkbox on the left.
  4. Click Install. Now the Miva Empresa server environment is installed.

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