(Optional) Hide Power Panel Controls for Virtuozzo Installations

When Plesk is installed to Virtuozzo, administrators refer to Plesk when performing web hosting operations and to Plesk Power Panel (PPP) when managing their container. The PPP becomes available when the administrators turn on offline-management mode. When this mode is on and Plesk is installed, some controls and menus of PPP become available on top and left navigation panes of Plesk. In other words, PPP partially builds into Plesk in offline-management mode.

Since Plesk 10, the integration between panels leads to unexpected results. For example, some icons in Plesk might not be displayed or layout might be broken when the offline management is on. To resolve these problems, we recommend that you do not use the integration and access the panels on different ports (4643 and 8443).

To make PPP and Plesk operate on different ports, do the following:

  • On Linux servers, connect to the hardware node over SSH and run the following command:

    vzctl set CT_ID --offline_management yes --offline_service vzpp --save

  • On Windows servers, connect to the hardware node over Remote Desktop and run the following commands:

    vzctl set CT_ID --offline_management yes --save
    vzcfgt set CT_ID offlineservices vzpp