IP Address Transfer

When you transfer customer data from one server to another, you may want to move the IP addresses from the source server to the destination server as well, as failing to do so may result in DNS resolution issues, break your customers' customizations, and so on.

To move the IP addresses from the source server to the destination server, follow these steps:

  1. On the destination server, add the same number of IP addresses as on the source server. To do so, first add the IP addresses via the corresponding operating system tools, then log in to Plesk, go to Tools & Settings > IP Addresses and click Reread IP. These IP addresses will be used as temporary placeholders, so there is no need to make them routable. Using internal IP addresses is fine.

Note: Be sure to map every IP address on the source server to a separate placeholder IP address. To avoid confusion, you can create internal IP addresses in the 10.*.*.* range so that the last three octets mimic those of the source server IP addresses'. For example, to map the IP address, create an IP address on the destination server.

  1. Perform the transfer procedure following the instructions in the Transferring Data Between Plesk Servers section.
  2. Shut the source server down.
  3. Add the actual routable IP addresses from the source server to the destination server as described in step one and configure your network infrastructure so that IP packets from the Internet are routed to the destination server.
  4. Re-map the subscriptions on the source server from the placeholder IP addresses to the routable ones. To do so, click the corresponding link below and follow the instructions:

Note: Make sure that you map routable IPs to the corresponding placeholder IPs. That is, if you mapped the IP address to the IP address during the transfer, make sure you map the IP address back to and not some other IP address during this step.


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