The Plesk support form link is defined by the support_url parameter in the psa.misc table of the Plesk’s database. If the support_url parameter is absent or empty, upon clicking the Tools & Settings > Support button, the user is redirected to provider’s support through the following URL:

'' . urlencode(serialize($val))

where $val is an associative PHP array containing the following parameters:

  • firstName, the Plesk administrator’s contact name.
  • company, the Plesk administrator’s company name.
  • email, the Plesk administrator’s email address.
  • phone, the Plesk administrator’s phone number.
  • keyNumber, the Plesk license key number used on the server.
  • operatingSystem, the operating system installed on the server.
  • PSAVersion, the version number of the Plesk software.
  • PSABuild, the build number of the Plesk software.
  • PSAInstType, the type of Plesk software installation.

Before changing the link, consider the following to ensure that the support page of your site is configured properly:

  • Your support page will accept the sv variable through the GET method. The value of this variable is a serialized associative array of pre-collected parameters.

  • You can get the array of parameters on your web site page in the following way:

    $params = unserialize($_GET['sv']);
  • You can address any parameter of this array in the following way:


To make the Support button open the support form on your website, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the Plesk’s database (psa).

  2. Run the following query:

    • If the support_url parameter is absent, run:

      insert into misc(param, val) values('support_url', '')

    Where ‘’ is the URL of the support page on your website.

    • If the support_url parameter already exists, run:

      update misc set val = '' where param = 'support_url'

    Where ‘’ is the URL of the support page on your website.