Creation of a custom topic involves the following steps:

  1. Log in to Presence Builder and create a site with custom design and content: add pages, text, scripts, and select custom layout and styles.

  2. Save the created site to a snapshot and download the snapshot.

  3. Upload the snapshot to the server file system and convert it to a ZIP package.

    You can do this by using the command-line utility snapshot2wst.php, which is shipped with Presence Builder.

  4. Extract the package contents for further editing and edit the files that compose the site topic. In this step, you can:

    • Make corrections to the text shown on website pages.
    • Translate all text in the topic into a different language.
    • Upload an icon that should accompany the site topic on the topic selection screen.
    • Specify a title and a description for the new topic.
    • Specify a title and a description for the topic category if you have decided to create a category.
  5. Register the newly created topic with Presence Builder by means of the snapshot2wst.php utility. After registration, the new topic will appear on the topic selection screen in the Presence Builder editor.

  6. Verify that the topic was successfully added to Presence Builder.