To change the link to the User’s Guide:

  1. On the hosting server, open the configuration file /usr/local/sb/config.

  2. Add the line [help] to the file. If it is already present, skip this step.

  3. Add the following line after the line [help]:

    help_url = <link_to _your_documentation>

    For example:

    At the end of this link, the mechanism providing context-sensitive help will automatically add a GUI screen identifier, so the resulting URL will appear as:

    The value that you specify as help_url may contain the following placeholders:

    • %%LOCALE%% - 4-letter code of the locale currently set in the editor, for example, en-US or ru-RU. The following locales are supported:
      • en_US - American English.
      • en_GB - British English.
      • de_DE - German.
      • es_ES - Spanish.
      • fr_FR - French
      • it_IT - Italian.
      • ja_JP - Japanese.
      • nl_NL - Dutch.
      • pl_PL - Polish.
      • pt_BR - Brazilian Portuguese
      • ru_RU - Russian.
      • zh_CN - simplified Chinese.
      • zh_TW - traditional Chinese.
    • %%VERSION%% - full Presence Builder version, for example, 11.1.0.
    • %%MAJOR_VERSION%% - major Presence Builder version (first two numbers), for example, “11.1”.
    • %%CONTEXT%% - GUI screen identifier.

    For example: If a user views the Presence Builder 11 editor in English, and clicks the Help link on the first page of the editor (which opens after clicking the Create Site button), the link will be replaced with

  4. Save the file.