This section contains the reduced list of error codes which is supported by Plesk 8.0 for UNIX / Plesk 7.6 for Windows and later.

1001 Authentication failed - wrong password.
1002 User account already exists.
1003 Agent initialization failed.
1004 Plesk initial setup not completed.
1005 XML API version not supported.
1006 Permission denied.
1007 Inserted data already exists.
1008 Multiple access denied.
1009 Invalid Virtuozzo key.
1010 Access to Plesk Panel denied.
1011 Account disabled.
1012 Locked login.
1013 Object does not exist/Unknown service.
1014 Parsing error: wrong format of XML request.
1015 Object owner not found.
1017 Feature not supported by the current version of XML API.
1018 IP address not found.
1019 Invalid value.
1023 Operation failed.
1024 Limit reached.
1025 Wrong status value.
1026 Component not installed.
1027 IP operation failed.
1029 Unknown authentication method.
1030 License expired.
1031 Component not configured.
1032 Wrong network interface.
1033 Client account is incomplete (important fields are empty).
1050 Webmail not installed.
11003 Secret key validation failed.
14008 Wrong database server type.
14009 Database server not configured.