Plesk Command-Line Interface (CLI) is designed for integration of Plesk with third-party applications. It can also be used for managing Plesk installations by administrators experienced in using Plesk. Command-line interface supports the majority of management tasks that can be performed by Plesk administrator. The CLI provides the alternative means of control for various business objects in Plesk. Plesk command-line utilities use the Plesk core functionality to create, manage, and delete clients, domains, services and other Plesk objects.

Plesk command-line utilities can be used by the root user from the console or script. The utilities require “root” or “psaadm” privileges to operate.

Plesk CLI supports localized names of business objects in the same manner as the Plesk GUI does. Therefore, you can create clients with contact names by using a locale of your choice. Use the LANG environment variable to set up a particular locale.

Plesk CLI does not require the Plesk web interface (also called GUI in this guide) to run.

For general instructions on executing command line utilities on Plesk server, consult the Getting Started with Command Line Utilities section.