If you have merged locale files for more comfortable translation, you need to split the merged files before importing the locale into Plesk.

To split your translated files:

Run the following command for each of the files:

php <plesk-installation-dir>/admin/smb/application/utils/locale/plesk2smb.php -f <localeFile> -o <target-directory> -l <locale-code>


  • <plesk-installation-dir> is the Plesk installation directory (by default, that’s /usr/local/psa on Linux and "C:\Program Files\Plesk" on Windows).
  • <localeFile> is the locale file that had previously been merged and needs to be split.
  • <target-directory> is the name of the directory, in which another directory, one containing the individual locale files will be created. If not specified, the current directory will be used.
  • <locale-code> is the locale code that will be used as the name of the directory containing the individual locale files. Use the xx-YY format, to find the required locale code, see the Appendix. Locale Codes section).

For example, to split the files /tmp/shared.php, /tmp/admin-panel.php, and /tmp/control-panel.php containing the locale translated into Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR), and have the resulting files placed into the Plesk locale file structure, run the following commands:

# cd /usr/local/psa/admin/

# php smb/application/utils/locale/plesk2smb.php -f /tmp/shared.php -o application/default/resources/languages -l pt-BR

# php smb/application/utils/locale/plesk2smb.php -f /tmp/admin-panel.php -o application/admin/resources/languages -l pt-BR

# php smb/application/utils/locale/plesk2smb.php -f /tmp/control-panel.php -o application/smb/resources/languages -l pt-BR