Compared with usual Plesk UI, Plesk Multi Server UI has a number of differences. The main differences:

  • There are additional elements for managing nodes and viewing tasks on the management node.
  • There are means to navigate between the management and service nodes.
  • The contents of the Tools & Settings are different on the management node and service nodes. For details, see Local and Global Server Settings.

The management node and service nodes also have their UI differences.

Management Node UI

The management node has two additional sections in the left navigation panel, Nodes and Tasks.

image 77383

To see the most recent actions, order the list by clicking the Scheduled Time column header.

image 77384

Service Nodes UI

Each service node has its hostname displayed on the top of the screen. Also, the management node hostname is displayed and a menu for quick navigation to the management node’s sections (Home, Customers, Domains, and so on). By default, Nodes is selected for you to go back to the list of service nodes.

image 77386

Navigating Between Nodes

To go to a service node from the management node, click Manage Node in the list of nodes:

image 77385

Plesk Multi Server automatically takes you to a service node when you open a subscription the Subscriptions section or when you edit local settings in Tools & Settings. The displayed URL changes to the service node’s URL in all cases when you are at a service node.

To return to the list of nodes on the management node, use the Go to menu:

image 77476