This section contains information on common problems which can occur when creating a client software.

  1. Invalid access point

    You are receiving HTTP error with code 403 and description ‘Only XML-RPC or SIP requests are allowed on the port 7050’. This means that you are using invalid access point, please use correct access points: (for testing purposes) (production server)

  2. Wrong signature

    Compare the signature (struct, struct, string, string, string) in the error message with those available in the documentation. Probably, you have missed one parameter or a parameter has the wrong type. E.g., a list of upgrade plans in partner10.createKey() method is an array, even if you have only one upgrade plan, you still need to send it as a 1-element array.

  3. Not valid XML

    You are receiving HTTP error with code 400 and description ‘Unable to parse XML-RPC request’. This happens when XML syntax is incorrect. This often happens when an XML-RPC request was manually created instead of using proper libraries for your programming language.