Converting a License Key to Edition-based Model

This method allows to convert old domain-based model licenses to edition-based licenses. The converted license should be of the "Plesk 10.x/11.x and Later" key types.



  • URL: /30/keys/<KEY_ID_OR_ACTIVATION_CODE>/convert-to-edition?edition=<edition>
  • Method: POST
  • Body: no
  • Query String Parameters:
    • edition (string) - target Plesk edition. Possible values: 'web-admin', 'web-pro', 'web-host'
    • return-key-state (boolean) - whether to return License Key Structure (Full) of the created key in response (default is false)




POST /30/keys/13590916/convert-to-edition?edition=web-host&return-key-state=true HTTP/1.1


HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    "ownerId": "78048191",
    "keyIdentifiers": {
        "keyId": 13590916,
        "keyNumber": "PLSK.13590916.0001",
        "activationCode": "AX2K00-547P13-4JGM59-T0SR09-93NA16"
    "items": [
            "externalId": null,
            "item": "PLESK-12-WEB-HOST-1M"

The cURL command:

curl -X POST -u "partner-api-login:secret" "" -H "Content-Length:0"

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