Appendix F: Enabling Support for SecureLVE

If you want to deploy the Secure Lightweight Virtual Environment (SecureLVE) extension on a server running Cloud Linux, install the SecureLVE packages by following the instructions at

You can install SecureLVE before or after installing Plesk.

To make sure that SecureLVE functions properly, you need to install the following package versions:

  • liblve-0.7.3-2.el5.cloudlinux
  • securelve-0.6-3.el5.cloudlinux
  • vixie-cron-4.1-77.2.el5.cloudlinux
  • lve-0.7.3-2.el5.cloudlinux

After installing SecureLVE, you must initialize it by issuing the following command in the console:


Important: If you install or upgrade Plesk after installing SecureLVE, you need to run the securelve_init command again. After upgrading, also use the command securelve_user <username> to enable SecureLVE shell for each system user account that used it.

After SecureLVE initialization, to update the list of shells available in the system, log in to Plesk as the administrator, go to Tools & Settings > Server Components and click Refresh.

Now you can set up access to the server over SSH for your customers by modifying service plans.

To allow the customers to log in to the SecureLVE shell:

  1. Log in to the Server Administration Panel.
  2. Go to Service Plans > plan name > Hosting Parameters tab.
  3. Select the checkbox SSH access to the server shell under the subscription's system user, and select the securelve_sh option from the menu.
  4. Click OK to save the plan properties.