Reseller accounts can be converted into customer accounts. Reseller’s subscriptions are moved to the resulting customer account, and by default the resource allotments are preserved for the customer (the subscriptions will be signed up for the Custom plan unless you select one of existing service plans). The resource overuse policy for the customer will be the same as it was for the reseller.

Note: If a reseller account has associated customer accounts, Plesk cannot convert such a reseller into a customer. You need to move customers to another owner before converting such a reseller. For details, see Managing Customers.

To convert one or more resellers into customers:

  1. Go to Resellers and select one or more resellers that you want to convert into customers.

  2. Click Convert to Customers.

  3. For each reseller, select a service plan or leave the Custom plan selected in order to preserve the resource allotments that were available for the reseller.

    The boxes for selecting service plans are not displayed if a reseller did not have subscriptions.

  4. Click OK in the confirmation window.

Alternatively, to convert a reseller account, you can open it by clicking its name in the list of resellers and click Convert to Customer under More Tools on the right toolbar.

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