Changing Your Password and Contact Information

To change your password:

  1. Click the Change Password link in the navigation pane.
  2. Enter your old and new passwords.
  3. Click OK.


To update your contact information:

  1. Click the Profile & Preferences link in the navigation pane.
  2. Update your information as required, and click OK.


Forgot your password:

  1. If you forgot your Plesk password, access the server via CLI.
  2. Then, you have the following options:
    • Generate a one-time login link, running this command:
plesk login

Two links will be generated. Use the second link based on the IP address to log in to Plesk as an administrator. For example:

  • Reset your password, running this command:
plesk bin admin --set-password -passwd <new_password>

where <new_password> is a password you wish to set. After CLI informs you that "The Plesk administrator's password was successfully updated", use the new password to log in to Plesk.


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