Configuring Alarms, Trends, and Email Notifications

After the installation, Health Monitor works with all parameters by default. If you want to adjust some of its options, such as alarm thresholds and email notifications, you should perform the component configuration. Such configuration is available using the XML file.

To configure Health Monitor:

  1. Download the current configuration file by clicking the Download Configuration File button in Server Management > Health Monitoring.
  2. Change the configuration file in any text editor. With the help of this file you can define:
    • Alarm threshold for each parameter.
    • Type of the alarm for each parameter: Exceeding of an absolute value, a relative value, or a trend value.
    • Trend calculation parameters.
    • Email notification parameters.
      The detailed file structure and description for each of the file parameters is provided in the top of the configuration file.
  3. Upload the file with changes to Plesk by clicking the Upload Configuration File button in Server Management > Health Monitoring.

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