You can customize Apache configuration for a particular website in the Customer Panel on the Websites & Domains > <domain_name> > Apache & nginx Settings page.

Adjusting Common Apache Settings

The section Common Apache settings contains the settings that website owners typically want to adjust. For example, to add custom index files or restrict access to the site by IP address. For each parameter, you can either type a custom value, or use the default Apache configuration (by selecting the Default value).

Note: As opposed to other web server settings, the Deny access to the site parameter does not override but supplements the list of IP addresses provided in the default configuration. In case of a conflict (for example, when you allow the address that is denied in the default configuration), your values will be used.

Adjusting Additional Apache Directives

To add Apache directives for a website that are not available in the Common Apache settings, use the Additional directives for HTTP and Additional directives for HTTPS fields. When editing the fields, use the syntax as in httpd.conf. For example, if you want to set a custom error page, add the line:

ErrorDocument 401 /my_error_page.html

Note: Your customers cannot view and edit these fields.

Note: If you enable the “Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS” option for a website, only additional directives for HTTPS will be applied. Additional directives for HTTP will not be applied.