During the lifetime of a Plesk server, you may need to change the IP addresses employed by Plesk. Two typical cases when IP addresses may need to be changed are the following:

  • Reorganization of the server IP pool. For example, substitution of one IP address with another.
  • Relocation of Plesk to another server. Changing all addresses used by Plesk (including the one on which Plesk resides) to those on the new server.

Every time the change happens, you should reconfigure all related system services. To help you do this promptly, we offer the reconfigurator command line utility located in the following directory:

  • on RPM-based systems: /usr/local/psa/bin.
  • on DEB-based systems: /opt/psa/bin.

The reconfigurator replaces IP addresses and modifies Plesk and services configuration to make the system work properly after the replacement. To do this, the utility requires a mapping file, that includes instructions on what changes to make. Each line of the file should describe a single change. For example, the following line instructs Plesk to change the IP address to

eth0: -> eth0:

The utility also helps you with creation of the mapping file. If you call the utility with a new file name as an option, it will create the file and write all available IP addresses to it. The IP addresses in the file are mapped to themselves. If you want to perform a change, modify the change instruction for a certain IP address.

When editing the mapping file, consider the following:

  • A replacement IP address must not exist in the Plesk IP pool before changing; however, it may be in the server IP pool. To make sure the IP is not in the Plesk IP pool, go to Server Administration Panel > Tools & Settings > IP Addresses and remove the IP if necessary.
  • If a replacement IP address does not exist in the server IP pool, the utility adds it to both Plesk and server IP pools.

To change IP addresses used by Plesk:

  1. Generate a mapping file with current Plesk IP addresses by running the command:

    ./reconfigurator <ip_map_file_name>
  2. Edit the file as described above and save it.

  3. Reconfigure Plesk and its services by running the following command one more time:

    ./reconfigurator <ip_map_file_name>