Configuring SpamAssassin

The SpamAssassin configuration is stored in the spamfilter and spamfilter_preferences tables of the psa database. You can manage it with the %plesk_dir%\admin\bin\spammng.exe utility. It displays help if started without any options.

Server-wide SpamAssassin settings are stored in the following files:

The %plesk_dir%\Additional\Perl\site\var\spamassassin\3.003001\updates_spamassassin_org\*.cf files contain configuration details, e.g. White list and Black list scores are assigned in the configuration file.

  • The %plesk_dir%\Additional\Perl\site\etc\mail\spamassassin\ stores server-wide filter settings.

Personal user settings are stored in the file %plesk_dir%\Additional\SpamAssassin\SpamFilterUserConfigsPath\<mailname>\user_prefs.

For more information about the SpamAssassin configuration, refer to the respective documentation at

To apply changes in the configuration files, you should restart SpamAssassin with the following command:

for /F "usebackq tokens=5" %i in (`cmd /c "netstat -aon | findstr"`) do taskkill /F /PID %i

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