When managing Plesk using any interface or technology described in this document, you may need to know the structure and the objects of the Plesk database. Therefore, studying the database scheme can be useful.

The files of the Plesk database scheme can be found here: https://github.com/plesk/db-schemas. The following files are provided:

  1. psadb.mvb - the project file that can be opened in the MySQL Workbench unified visual tool. This free tool allows you to visualize and study databases and, additionally, can be used for other purposes such as database design and modeling, SQL development, database administration, and so on. Using this format can be recommended as the most user-friendly and convenient way to view and study the Plesk database scheme.
  2. psadb.svg - the file in the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image format that can be opened in a web browser to view an image of the Plesk database scheme.
  3. psadb.xml - the XML scheme of the Plesk database.