If Spam Filtering settings for mailbox owners are enabled by Administrator, a mailbox owner can manage his own black, white, unblack, and unwhite lists.

Black list contains addresses all correspondence from which will be marked as spam. White list contains addresses all correspondence from which will be received ignoring Spam Filtering rules.

Note: A mailbox owner should enable reject-spam option to remove spam messages. For information on this option, refer to the Spam Filtering Preferences section.

By default, black (white) lists of mailbox owners are blank.

In Plesk for Unix, Spam Filtering is performed according to server lists (it means server wide settings are used) by default. To receive messages from addresses that are found in server black list without a spam mark, a mailbox owner should add them to unblack list. If messages from addresses found in server white list are considered requiring spam filtering, the addresses should be added to unwhite list.

In Plesk for Windows, users can turn off Spam Filtering according to server settings and filter incoming messages using only their own black (white) lists. For information on how to change Spam filtering method, refer to the Spam Filtering Preferences section.

Note: If Spam Filtering is done using server and personal settings, you need to unify server list (without un- list patterns defined by user) and a list of a mailbox owner to retrieve all Spam Filtering patterns.

The set forth below example helps to clarify how do lists of a mailbox owner form.

The following table shows possible server patterns:

Server lists  
Black list White list
*@spam.net essential@customer.com

The following table shows possible patterns of a mailbox owner:

Mailbox owner’s lists      
Black list Unblack list Unwhite list White list
hate@myspam.org great@subscription.org essential@customer.com orders@site.com

If the Spam Filtering for the mailbox owner is done according to server and personal Spam Filtering settings, the patterns lists for the user look as follows:

Mailbox owner’s lists  
Patterns for e-mails that are considered to be spam Patterns for trusted e-mails
*@spam.net orders@site.com