Spam Filtering preferences can be divided into three groups: preferences for Plesk Administrator (can also be called server preferences), mailbox owner, and common preferences. The preferences node is presented by type SpamassassinPreferencesType (spamfilter.xsd). This node has the following graphics representation:

image 36724

Preferences available only for Plesk Administrator:

  • The personal node is optional. If set to true, it allows mailbox owners to specify their own Spam Filtering preferences. Data type: boolean.
  • The max-children-process node is optional. It specifies the maximum number of filtering processes to run simultaneously. The quality of filtering depends on this number (the best quality equals 5 ). Data type: integer. Allowed values: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5. Default value: 5.

Preferences available both for Plesk Administrator and for mailbox owner:

  • The use-server-wide-settings node is optional. It specifies if the server Spam Filtering settings are applied to incoming messages of mailbox owners. For more information on the settings, refer to the Types of Lists Available for Mailbox Owners section. Data type: boolean.

    Note: This node is not supported by Plesk for Unix. You cannot retrieve or update value for this node. By default it is 1.

  • The required-score node is optional. It specifies the number of points a message should gain to be considered to be spam. For information on scoring messages, refer to the Scoring Messages section. Data type: anySimpleType. Default value: 7.

  • The rewrite-header node is optional. It specifies the text that will be added to the beginning of subject of each message recognized as spam. To add a message’s score, set the _SCORE_ value for this node. For information on message scoring, refer to the Scoring Messages section. Data type: string.

Preferences available only for a mailbox owner:

  • The action node is optional. It specifies how to handle messages classified as spam. You either can delete them, move them to the Spam folder, or add a text to headers of such messages. Data type: string. Allowed values: text | delete | move

Spam Filtering preferences set of a mailbox owner can look as follows: