Operator: <role>.

XML Schema: role.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 10.0 - Plesk Onyx 17.5

XML API version: -

Plesk user: Administrator, customer


The Administrator, a reseller, or a customer can own additional user accounts. These accounts are eligible to access all the subscriptions of their owner. They play different roles depending on their permission level: Monitor accounting information, manage applications on sites, etc. The roles are assigned to additional users on creation and can be updated later on.

This operator lets you manage manage roles of additional users. To learn how to manage additional users, refer to Managing Additional Users.

When the Panel creates a customer or a reseller account, it associates the account with an initial collection of roles to assign. In this case, the customer or reseller becomes an owner of these roles. When they add a new role, it also comes under their ownership. The same goes for the Administrator as well. Hence, it is not possible to associate a role with multiple customer accounts. Summing up, a user of the Panel can be an owner of additional user accounts and roles.

Roles can be built in or not. The built-in roles are not modifiable. Initial Admin and Accountant roles are built in.

Supported operations

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  • ADD creates a role
  • GET gets the information on specified roles
  • SET updates permissions of given roles
  • DEL deletes specified roles
  • GET-PERMISSION-DESCRIPTOR retrieves the permissions you can retrieve or assign to a role