Filtering is the way request packets pick out mail accounts to which the requested operation will be applied. The mail operator uses filtering in most of its operations.

The filter node used in operations create and update is presented by complex types mailnameFilterAddType and mailnameUpdateAddFilterType (mail_input.xsd). Although the children mailname nodes varies for these types, the filter node is structured as follows:

image 34497

  • The site-id node is required. It specifies the site ID. Data type: integer.
  • The mailname node is required. It holds a collection of mail account settings that will be affected. Data type: mailnameAddType or mailnameUpdateAddType (plesk_mailname.xsd). For detains on the type, see Mail Account Settings.

This filter can pick out one to many mail account existing on the same site.

When filtering mail accounts, we never specify the entire mail name. The site part of it is specified by the site-id node, and the mail user name is specified by the name node within the mailname section.

<packet version="">

The packet above modifies settings of the mail account.

The mail operator uses two more types of filtering (type GetInfoAdvancedFilter, type mailFilterType). These types are designed for particular cases and considered in the relevant sections (Getting Mail Account Settings and Deleting Mail Accounts , respectively).