You can retrieve information about Plesk server and its configuration using the XML API protocol. The information includes:

  • Plesk license key data.
  • Full host name.
  • Detailed information about Plesk and OS versions installed on server.
  • Detailed information about installed and available Plesk updates.
  • Statistics on server resources usage and Plesk logical objects (sites, customers, and other).
  • Administrator’s personal information and settings.
  • The list of supported network interfaces.
  • Information about server services and their current state.
  • Settings of traffic usage statistics.
  • The list of shells installed on server.
  • The state of VPS optimized mode.
  • The list of all main domains, addon domains, subdomains, and domain aliases created in Plesk for a particular user account.
  • The list of SSL/TLS certificates that are used to secure Plesk and mail server.

To retrieve any of the data listed above, use the get operation with an appropriate parameter specified.